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ActionTypes is all about us, all about you. It is all about the natural sides of human preferences.

Preferences are deeply embodied and by properly asking our body, it is possible to reveal the natural differentiations that we can use as leverage to optimize our expression. Preferences are waiting for us to develop them. They flourish very rapidly if we take care of them. They are really powerful and you may rely on them when it comes to human natural expression in all contexts.

Moving to your next level is made possible by the ActionTypes Approach or ATA.

Very powerful methods were created from this Approach to concretely discover and address all the natural forces you may use in order to develop a better efficiency in your everyday life actions.

ActionTypes was created in the 1990s by Ralph Hippolyte (1949, Haïti/France) and Bertrand Théraulaz (1962, Switzerland). Both are elite sport coaches, professors of sport methodology and empirical researchers in the field of motor control and movement coordination.

Bertrand Théraulaz and Ralph Hippolyte
Founders of the ActionTypes Approach – ATA
Ralph Hippolyte & Bertrand Theraulaz - ActionTypes Founders

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