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ActionTypes Swiss Sarl provides and organises education courses, continuing education courses, coaching sessions and consulting sessions using the ActionTypes Approach (ATA) in French, English and German (in all our endeavors: Arts, Education, Families, Personal Development, Management Teams, Organisations).

Courses have so far been organised in Switzerland, France, England and Holland and everywhere we can gather a minimum of 8 participants together with a local organiser.

For information about hosting courses in countries not listed, please contact us for more information.

Since 2003, we introduced the ActionTypes Approach Principles to thousands of people around the World, we educated more than 600 ActionTypes Approach Practitioners and more than 100 Certified Practitioners.


  • Introduction into the ActionTypes Approach (1/2 day or 1 day)
  • ActionTypes Basic Practitioner Course (ATBC, 2 x 3 days)
    Learn how to integrate the ActionTypes Approach Principles into your daily routine and work.
  • ActionTypes Certified Practitioner Course (ATCC, 2 x 3 days + 2 days validation after 6 months – defending a personal work, profiling, studying cases)

Become a Certified Practitioner and offer your clients official ActionTypes Approach Services

Continuing Education

Modules with various themes like:

  • Specialisation in profiling
  • Coaching using the Deep Motivational Drivers (DMDs)
  • Practitioner Update Module
  • Certified Practitioner Update Module
  • Specific activity related Modules (corporate issues or sport issues in tennis, golf, football, rugby, etc. – more than 30 different sports)

For more information please view the current Course Calendar

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