ActionTypes in the Arts

Why Do The Arts Thrive With ActionTypes?

When expressing ourselves in any artistic endeavour, it is necessary to find ways to differentiate through some kind of a creative process. By recognising the huge importance of our body’s natural gifts, we also access the stable part of our nature – the one that has evolved over time. We are talking about our embodied strengths, the ones that we should respect if we wish to develop our creative skills in a sustainable way. Properly nurtured, they will always be at hand when we need them. Therefore, it becomes a priority to learn how to deal with them. The ActionTypes Approach created the tools to fulfill that need.

Who In The Arts Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

If you are interested in knowing the conditions of your natural expression (knowing yourself better), the ActionTypes Approach is for you.
While discovering your core needs you may also value your differences (physical, emotional and cognitive) and appreciate other people’s positions at the same time. Being a musician, an actor, a designer, a painter or anybody else, there is always something valuable to learn from the ActionTypes Approach. It is centered on you and how you may thrive within your own identity.

ActionTypes boosts creativity! Once the singer knows what profile to adopt and what support points to use to manage his breath in a demanding musical phrase or singing in the upper register, he develops a prime and total confidence in his instrument that makes it completely free and available for interpretation!
Karine Lavorel
Professional Opera Singer (Soprano), Voice Teacher,
Action Type is a tremendous educational tool to identify quickly the student’s needs and adapt the technique of the instrument to body functioning. It is also a great help in understanding the student’s character and how to develop his or her expressive means.
Etienne Hersperger
Professional Opera Singer (Baritone), Voice Teacher,

How Does ActionTypes Help In The Arts?

ActionTypes has the power to give you the possibility to discover what makes you special and unique through an original motor skill profiling. You may also appreciate and enhance your creative skills.

Understanding what makes your creative skills unique, you will also learn how to feed them. You will have more freedom to explore potential areas that may have, otherwise, been hidden.

While experiencing the triggers that facilitate the launch of your creative states (the power of your learning zone), you will realise the importance of physical coordination through movement.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

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