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Why Does Education Thrive With ActionTypes?

For the most part, education systems around the world are based on a “one size fits all” principle. Education needs a way to approach people and the unique way they learn.
There is a global need for a paradigm shift in education, because the majority of school systems are orientated towards cognitive skills, but they miss the point that cognitive skills are the by-product of movement. Thus, they don’t acknowledge that they must work harmoniously together.

Who In Education Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

Basically, ActionTypes is for everybody that is interested in how they learn and what makes them unique in their learning process.
It is also designed for everybody who tries to learn something and for some reason fails, becoming discouraged and has a resulting negative opinion about their ability to learn.
In the Education field, ActionTypes is valuable for Students, Teachers, Parents, Educational Psychologists and Education Administrators

For an educator, the ATA is pivotal in helping children, parents and teachers understand an individual's approach to learning and relating with the world. Among the many existing psychometric assessments, I find the insights that come with ATA to be the most valuable in creating a holistic vision of a child's needs and strategies to support them.
Marie Davis
Educational Psychologist - Leysin, Switzerland
So I took the ActionTypes® Basic Course, then prepared for the Certification, and passed in November 2012. Those three years probably are the most decisive turn I made in my life. It changed my way of teaching and led me to a better understanding of my pupils.
Igor Kubiak
Teacher, Coach - Paris, France

How Does ActionTypes Help In Education

With the ActionTypes Approach, we can pinpoint how somebody is able to naturally grasp various concepts. Knowing how to use our unique learning dynamic makes the learning process more fun.

We assess the body’s natural way to coordinate movement and translate these results into an individualised learning method, tailored specifically to the person’s needs (Learning Strategy). Our assessments are delivered one-on-one either privately or in small groups. We also run Basic Courses in learning how to integrate the ActionTypes Approach into your working environment.

Overall, our education-focused services can help parents and educators gain an understanding of what makes their children and students unique, therefore, enhancing their learning.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

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