ActionTypes for Families

Why Do Families Thrive With ActionTypes?

Avoiding the so-called Pygmalion effect is crucial for the development of a healthy child-parent relationship. If parents recognise and learn to appreciate their children for who they genuinely are, for the potential they represent and for their differences, the family will be able to create the best possible conditions for everybody to move to their next level. For that to happen, parents first need to understand their own preferences! Being more conscious of their own natural strengths is a prerequisite to respecting and nurturing their children!

IMPORTANT: All family members must understand the importance of movement and its precondition (motivation) to build a meaningful, supportive and secure environment that can encourage everybody’s evolution to the next level.

Who In Families Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

As responsible entities, parents must first be aware of the inborn patterns that govern their child’s evolution. They have to acknowledge that you cannot change a child, for he has to build his/her personality on what is available at birth. Thus, you must strive to create an environment that will allow him/her to develop harmoniously over time. This may not always be possible but recognising the differences that have to be expressed is a BIG first step towards creating a contribution to each individual’s achievement.

Thanks to your coaching, as parents, we were allowed to discover our position in order to better nurture Simeon in an adequate way, because helping a top sportsman is very complex.
Francois Rossier
Osteopath, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

How Does ActionTypes Help Families

First of all, viewing each individual’s preferences “against” another’s shows how the quality of the relationship may evolve over time and where the “risk zones” are. This knowledge allows each person to anticipate the tension that may arise from different ways of viewing things and generating, or solving, conflicts.
Second, thanks to Ralph Hippolyte and Philippe Graf (Seïtai), the ActionTypes Approach developed original ways to investigate the Deep Motivational Drivers (DMDs) that govern your body’s readiness to move! If activated, the DMDs increase the tonus throughout your spine and therefore allow you to be in the best possible posture for the next step. You just have to discover and learn which movements trigger your DMDs and spend a few seconds a day regularly activating them in order to feel comfortable and ready to move. Let’s just say that it’s really worthwhile using them to contribute to your overall wellbeing while decreasing the overall risk of back pain. Moreover, each human being has one DMD that is intrinsically nurtured (internal DMD) and one that is extrinsically driven (external DMD). That means that each of us has the potential to use an internal source of energy as well as an external one. The advantage lies in the fact that the internal one depends on you and you only. It is, in fact, independent of what is going on in the external world. We could say it has a long lasting advantage…
As soon as you appreciate the DMDs among your family members, you may, of course, consider them regularly when trying to trigger their motivational patterns, as well as your own. The DMDs have both a physical component (the movements that will physically help your body to be ready) and a psychological component (the potential meaning of those movements). Recognizing the meaning of each individual’s DMDs allows a better understanding of the situations that have the power to launch motivational patterns (increase energy) and, therefore, offers an approach towards decreasing negative energy.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

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