ActionTypes for Management Teams

Why Do Management Teams Thrive With ActionTypes?

For ActionTypes, management is all about learning how to put ourselves and others in our/their strength. Creating a sustainable environment where individuals and team performance is made possible requires good listening skills: first towards ourselves and then toward others.

Management Teams are obliged to run for efficiency while coordinating their work together with their subordinates. Each of the managers has to be conscious about his preferences as to, as much as possible, avoid projecting his own personal issues onto others. This is a big challenge for everybody!

Once the preferences of the managers are clarified they need to become aware of the others’ preferences. That step requires a lot of humility as they don’t know how the team members will function per se. Being ready to welcome preferences they don’t experience the same is a must at that moment. Looking for the positive, the constructive potential in everybody is then a natural consequence of the journey towards the expression of your own preferences.

Who In Management Teams Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

All the team members will enjoy knowing how to best use the available strengths residing in each individual. If you are concerned with how to create the most advantageous conditions in which the team will blossom then the ActionTypes Approach is for you. As a leader, you will also get pleasure from seeing each team member move to their next level of expression.

The ActionTypes Approach allowed us to develop a new model of business education and coaching. The link between motor skills preferences and cerebral preferences gives each participant a very concrete and enlightening experience about their “innate” way of functioning. This lets us individualise our training by proposing very simple tools corresponding to each participant. Results are always astonishing and long lasting.

Francine René and Dominique Fournet
Heads and Founders of Axel Conseil®, Paris, France

The ActionTypes Approach is so deep and natural it has multiplied my knowledge by integrating and linking all components of strengths: physical, neurological, psychological, mechanical, managerial ... in short it is a wonderful revelation that allows me to further develop all this research.

Stéphane Bigeard
Founder and owner of Point Fort Consultancy
Using this tool in organisation coaching allows a better energy optimization in the process and a more comfortable approach for the various stakeholders.
Irene Colin
Head and founder of Askelia - Lyon, France

How Does ActionTypes Help With Management Teams?

ActionTypes gives us an original way to approach our needs and the needs of others among teams. It looks at what is natural, not to be modified and therefore to be respected. We profile each team member and we also determine the team’s profile using the motor skills dimension.
Doing so and because there is no cognitive bias, we create confidence and trust as we access unconscious information in each team member. Revealing what “every body has to say” authorises a minimum level of vulnerability among the team which is paramount for its optimal functioning.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

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