ActionTypes in Organisations

Why Do Organisations Thrive With ActionTypes?

Any organisation is globally looking for ways to improve both its internal fluidity and its external efficiency. Nonetheless, your organisation cannot be better than the people working for it. If within your organisation you find how to improve each individual’s contribution, your overall effectiveness will dramatically increase. By assessing everyone’s needs you can create the best possible conditions for your organisation to move to its next level. Recognising the people you employ for their talents and preferences has the power to significantly leverage their involvement.

Who in Organisations Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

If you are sensible to your employees overall performance level and at the same time responsible towards their well-being, you may definitely benefit from the ActionTypes Approach outcomes. We seriously think that 21st century organisations will only survive if they consider the individuals that they employ in all the dimensions of their “organic” expression. In fact, people are organic, they are not machines! Like seeds ready to grow, organic beings heavily depend of the quality of the context in which they are evolving.

The ActionTypes Approach is so deep and natural it has multiplied my knowledge by integrating and linking all components of strengths: physical, neurological, psychological, mechanical, managerial ... in short it is a wonderful revelation that allows me to further develop all this research.
Stéphane Bigeard
Founder and owner of Point Fort Consultancy
Using this tool in organisation coaching allows a better energy optimization in the process and a more comfortable approach for the various stakeholders.
Irene Colin
Head and founder of Askelia - Lyon, France

"Most impressed with the 'simplicity' of your process. With best wishes."

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Michael Payne
Author, Olympic Turnaround

How Does ActionTypes Help In Organisations?

While approaching each individual with the help of our core values, we deploy our skills in the organisation’s entities in order to pinpoint what hidden potentials reside in each of them. Knowing the peculiarities of all the parts, allows us to better integrate them into the whole system. The fine tuning process of the coming together of their genuine strengths is vital for the growth of the organisation.

Along that process, lots of the problems that arise in any organisation find a natural solution because of the people’s ability to use their inherent qualities in the journey. Considered for whom they are, all individuals are naturally encouraged to take their responsibilities. No need to use carrots and sticks when human beings naturally rely on their intrinsic deep motivational drivers.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

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