ActionTypes for Personal Development

Why Does Personal Development Thrive With ActionTypes?

People need a frame of reference from which they can be valued for who they genuinely are. All individuals have tremendous talents to be explored and developed because the potential to evolve is in everybody. Most of the time, the proper conditions – the environment in which we are freely allowed to experience them – is lacking. Each individual has to fulfill a journey where he will first understand the inner constraints that will guide his evolutionary path. Due to the dynamics of preferences, those inborn constraints are expressed through body and mind. They come alive each and every time you have to choose and perceive something in order to realise any gesture.

Who Can Benefit From ActionTypes In Personal Development?

If you find yourself in a position where you want to move to your next level, the ActionTypes Approach is for you! If you are struggling to find what has the potential to make you happy, again the approach is for you.

The next step is to learn about you and about your fundamental needs. By positioning yourself among the dimensions where we may find the expression of preferences and acknowledging the others’ position on the same scale, the conditions are ripe for you to move to your next level.

After 25 years of teaching mathematics and sport, with ActionTypes, I have discovered an approach that answers my questions. During my ActionTypes education, my world has changed gradually. All cages that I imposed or inflicted on my students and on my athletes have begun to disappear.

Claude-François Bagnoud
Mathematics Teacher and Physical Conditioner in Football, Sion, Switzerland

ActionTypes is a great development tool for any aspiring coach or athlete. It has really helped me individualise training programs and specify my technical cues for each of my athletes. Understanding the "type" of athlete helps me understand what "type" of training to give them.

Jonas Tawiah Dodoo
Head Coach at Speed Works, London UK

How Does ActionTypes Help With Personal Development?

By identifying what you cannot change you can target your energy on what you will be able to develop. Learning how to use your body intelligence will help you solve difficult situations. Thanks to your body, you have the power to integrate negative feelings that could make you doubt yourself. Expanding your relationship skills is also a must and that can be achieved if you gain more self-knowledge about your core needs.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

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