ActionTypes in Sport

Why Does Sport Thrive With ActionTypes?

“Listen to your body, not anybody!” Bertrand Theraulaz

If we learn how to trust our natural movements, then our body is willing to guide us into the realm of what we call emergent coordination patterns. They evolved for us to succeed!

They are the global product of balance and timing. Those were and still are created during the integration of our inner constraints (body and its preference patterns) as well as the constraints the outer situation (context) puts on our shoulders. The emergences of patterns are made possible when all the available information is qualitatively integrated by our nervous system to form the “present moment” we are living through while helping at the same time the next one to be anticipated.

The byproduct of letting our body intelligence blossom is that we can seriously reduce the risk of injuries. Contrary to what we could think of, any movement was and always will be a unique consequence of the interactions between our inner context (our body) and the outer context (our environment), a single solution (e.g. it will never be exactly reproduced the same way)!

“When moving, we have to evolve as well, no way we may stay where we are!” Bertrand Theraulaz

By the way, what we may more or less reproduce are the outside conditions from which that movement was expressed! Even if it is based on inborn elements, our inner world is a perpetually evolving system whose purpose is to increase the quality of its projection and as a matter of consequence, its ability to build while anticipating the future.

Who In Sport Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

If you are concerned about reaching the best possible level you may achieve then you have to construct your evolutionary path based on who you are… That is, what you have to respect while becoming more of what you can do.

The ActionTypes Approach gives you the tools to assess what you have to respect and nurture.

Just following any model is not enough! No way may you be able to reach any top just by doing something that was already done… Each of us is “damned” to follow its own route, its own destiny. Even if there are some common traits, your path is and will always be unique.

One advice: be ready to enjoy the journey independently of your results! (As they are lying to you as much as you may have to lie to others while moving forward!)

Emphasising the importance of movement, vision and attention in the interaction between body and mind tailor-made solutions turn out an indispensable added value in performing individually and as a team.


Our experiences tell that a Be Like Me or a One Size Fits All approach is futureless. These approaches don’t provide the insights to give athletes what they need and help them to develop to their next levels. Increasing the trainability and coachability of the individual athlete the ATA proofs to be an eye-opener every time.

Peter Murphy
Founder - ActionTypes Academy - The Netherlands, Former Coach Women’s Volleyball Team - The Netherlands, Performance Specialist, Member Technical Commission International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)

The ActionTypes Approach proves to be an indispensable tool with a highly practical value to help coaches in their goals to develop the talents of their athletes every time. Unique and accessible information that make the difference in evolving human potential in sports as well as in other areas of life. 

Bennie Douwes
Teacher - ActionTypes Academy The Netherlands, Performance Specialist and Table Tennis Coach

The ActionTypes Approach position is simple: the more the body is understood, respected in its needs, accepted in its imperfection, the better it welcomes the desire and pleasure, the more it progresses... that particularly speaks to me in my coaching.

Sylvain Curinier
Gold Medal Canoe-Kayak Olympic Coach, Silver Medalist - Canoe-Kayak Barcelona 1992

I assimilate this approach beyond the sport’s aspect; it goes in the direction of human performance. Individualisation that matters very much to me in top level sport finds its main thread...

Emilie became the first French Olympic champion of the kayak history in single slalom. The sixth golden medal of the French delegation. She had never won a first position before…

Emilie Fer
Gold Medalist in London 2012, Kayak Slalom

The ActionTypes Approach allowed me to change the dimension of my preparation, after the era of the physical conditioning and the professional mental preparation: here comes the one of ActionTypes profiling!

Tony Estanguet
Gold Medalist in London 2012, Canoe Slalom, Gold Medalist in Sydney 2000 and in Athens 2004.

The Action Types approach has provided me with a new lens to observe my players through... The modern world of information overload and coached skill dictates that at times we need to unravel what is really happening during movement sport and to help our performers simplify what it is they are doing and why. This is at the heart of the Action Types philosophy, helping people understand their body and how best to prepare it to act in a dynamic and efficient way to maximise performance

Peter Moores
Head Coach Lancashire County Cricket Club Former National Academy Director and England Cricket Head Coach
Action Types is a systemic concept of the human approach, a method of understanding interactions of body and mind. Action Types is a journey into the heart of human knowledge, both the actual process of introspection and a tool for psychomotor development. Confusing and fabulous! Something to be urgently discovered by all practitioners of the sports world.
Yann Kervella
Ph.D. in sport. Technical Advisor for football – Ministry of Sport (MJS) Assistant Coach, U16/U17 National Selections – French Football Federation (FFF)
These are the best results we have achieved with this group during the last 5 years.... ATA has come to be the “glue” that allows the different factors that enable the athlete to develop his/her full potential to interact as a whole. As a precondition of the approach and in the light of the importance we should grant our natural preferences, ATA invites us to embark on the journey of knowing ourselves first.
Christian Lubbe
Multi World Champion and Record Holder in Sky Fall, Former French National Coach.

How Does ActionTypes Help In Sport?

“Determining what makes you different is a must in your journey towards your goals.” Bertrand Theraulaz

Independently of your field of endeavor, expressing yourself as you are (using and developing your strengths) is a transition to your next level. Performance is achieved when you are confident enough to base your work on whom you are (what you need) and not on what others say!

The ActionTypes Approach has two major entry points that allow you to become more conscious of who you are and what your body needs:
a.Determining your Deep Motivational Drivers (DMDs)
b.Determining your ActionTypes profiles (motor patterns preferences)

“Listen to your own body, not anybody!” Bertrand Theraulaz

The body intelligence was early established during the global and fine tuning of what our body had to say while the potential mechanisms of survival were stabilised.

“Your differentiation’s potential is a well into which you have to find the target of your daily work.” Bertrand Theraulaz

Facing any sport’s problem, you will have to:

  • control if all archaic reflexes are functionally inhibited
  • assess your motor profile
  • assess you Deep Motivational Drivers
  • learn how to use them in order to fully express yourself
  • develop your strengths and bypass your weaknesses

Independently of who you are, you have to understand your inner constraints (your motor profiles and DMDs) and the outer ones that guide your evolution to your next level. By recognising your motor patterns you will be able to express your full natural potential.

Are you ready to move to your next level...?

For more information about how ActionTypes can help, please contact us today.

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