ActionTypes for Wellbeing

Why Does Your Wellbeing Thrive With ActionTypes?

The wellbeing parameters are as diverse as the people who experience it. What makes somebody recover from stress has the power to drive another person toward burn-out. Knowing the individual’s natural dynamic gives you the key to the condition of their wellbeing.

Who In Wellbeing Can Benefit From ActionTypes?

Basically, ActionTypes is for everybody that is interested in how they learn and what makes them unique in their learning process.
It is also designed for everybody who tries to learn something and for some reason fails, becoming discouraged and has a resulting negative opinion about their ability to learn.
In the Education field, ActionTypes is valuable for Students, Teachers, Parents, Educational Psychologists and Education Administrators

ActionTypes has provided me with the special tools to take a look at people, things, situations, life, without a sound, without a word, unconditionally and without limit.

Florence Raimondi
Free Climber, Body Therapist, Passionate in Human Relationships and Nature

How Does ActionTypes Help With Wellbeing?

Using our individualisation methodology helps to fulfill the people’s core needs over time. Our ability to cross the ActionTypes Approach outcomes with parameters such as heart rate variability (hrv) measures gives us a global entry to wellbeing.

“The body intelligence is the first one to have stabilised and it so allowed the others to emerge with more ease!” Bertrand Theraulaz

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