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In today’s world, most of the references we use are external (family, tribe, company, school, belonging, financial issues, technology, etc.) There is an urgent need for references that are more internal and more independent from outside conditions if we want to foster autonomy, mastery and purpose in what we are doing (Dan Pink: TED Talks) and, therefore, increase overall wellbeing.

For more than 20 years, while working together with top level athletes and managers, as well as children and teenagers, the ActionTypes Approach developed original ways to assess the internal conditions with which our body organises survival mechanisms. These mechanisms have implications in all our fields of expression because by shaping how we move they also shape how we think (Llinàs, Wolpert, Pfeifer). They form our inner environment – a dynamic system that gives us all the adaptation tools we need to survive and succeed within our external environment (a survival kit).

Learning how to use and develop them is a priority and a must if we want to thrive within our own identity while moving to our next level of expression!

All human beings have the potential to develop talents; therefore, contribute to overall evolution by being more of who they are!

The paradox is that the condition of our interactions with others is undermined by the necessity to first feed our core needs. The ActionTypes Approach states it is one of the major ways to not let our frustrations corrupt our natural goodwill and social skills.

The journey consists of acquiring more consciousness regarding our natural strengths and the way to express them, therefore constructively releasing our energy.

For the ActionTypes Approach the only possibility to do so is by experiencing –

  • What makes us like the others?
  • What makes us like some others?
  • What makes us like no others?

If we are sharing a common destiny, we are also a unique combination of our preferences and our experiences and we bear the responsibility to reflect our uniqueness to the outside world for the good of everybody!

Contributing to the ideal of a global consciousness is vital if we want our world to evolve toward a more peaceful planet!

Our global is mission is served by and based on our core values:

RRESPECT – Acknowledge who you genuinely are to connect with others in a constructive way

HHumility – Be ready to learn from others because thinking that you know is not knowing how to think!

IInnovation – Use your talents to combine things in new ways to create value for everybody

RRealisation – Take the responsibility to become more of who you are

E Expression – Learn how to develop new skills based on your natural strengths

Our Global Mission Statement:

“Helping humanity to build a world that allows people to thrive within their own identity”

Actually, what we witness in the world of personal development is that most of the work is done by assessing people using personality inventories or indicators (questionnaires). The problem in using such tools is that the result reflects more the cognitive bias experienced at the moment the answers are given and the environment in which it was done.

Because the ActionTypes Approach relies more on what is body-driven and therefore unconscious, it has the power to move you to your next level.

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